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Hettig Construction Corporation was formed in 1996.  Prior to the formation of the construction company, Hettig Management Corp. not only managed, but built and completed renovations on several projects.

John Hettig and Barry Kahn have constructed multi-million dollar jobs.  Mr. Hettig handles the construction and design, while Mr. Kahn handles the financial strategies.  Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Nevada, California, and Ohio are states that Hettig Construction's craftsmanship and designs have appeared.  From the flatlands of Texas to the mountains of Tennessee, Hettig Construction has built on all types of properties.

Hettig Construction Corp. prides itself not only on its craftsmanship, but on meeting schedules, deadlines, and budget guidelines.  John Hettig works very closely with the architects creating unique elements and functional designs.

Hettig Construction Corp. is actively involved in the National Association of Home Builders and Texas Association of Builders.

Now in the works is Los Puentes Office Park - for more information click here.


Hettig/Kahn Holdings, Inc., Hettig Management Corp., and Hettig Construction Corp. (“the Companies”) accept competitive bids/proposals from specialty sub-contractors and suppliers for new construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of properties owned and/or operated by the Companies.  We endeavor to hire local residents of the City of Houston and surrounding metropolitan areas that qualify under Section 3, that reside in the Section 3 area and are low or very low-income persons, as determined by local HUD income limits.  All public housing and Indian housing residents are considered qualified for Section 3 regardless of their income level.  We also consider Section 3 in our hiring process for the new employees of the Companies