Hettig/Kahn Companies

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The Hettig/Kahn Companies have been developing market and affordable residential multifamily, commercial, and shopping center properties in and around the Houston area since 1977.  The development group has also developed properties in a number of other states including Nevada, California, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Hettig Development Corp. was named Developer of the Year in 2010 by the Texas Association of Builders.  Professional Builders magazine voted Hettig Development Corp. the “Most Innovative Design” for a multi-family project.

We take pride in our developments and it shows in the final product.  South Acres Ranch received Special Congressional Recognition at its opening.


Hettig/Kahn Holdings, Inc., Hettig Management Corp., and Hettig Construction Corp. (“the Companies”) accept competitive bids/proposals from specialty sub-contractors and suppliers for new construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of properties owned and/or operated by the Companies.  We endeavor to hire local residents of the City of Houston and surrounding metropolitan areas that qualify under Section 3, that reside in the Section 3 area and are low or very low-income persons, as determined by local HUD income limits.  All public housing and Indian housing residents are considered qualified for Section 3 regardless of their income level.  We also consider Section 3 in our hiring process for the new employees of the Companies